“The best language is always that of the customer!”

Anton Fugger

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OPEL Automobile GmbH

"Levering potential means finding the personal motivation of your experienced sales staff. The colleagues of B.E.E. Advanced know exactly how this works.

Our sales team felt refreshed after just two days, and with new and interesting methods, we were forging great new contacts with business customers we had previously given up on.

A miracle? No, and in fact, the targeted approach of philanthropists who know what it takes to make a successful salesman on the basis of their personal strengths.

With the excellent approach from B.E.E. Advanced, we have found a long-term partner with whom we are able to advance into the future of cutting-edge customer contacts and organisational development."

Ralf Müller, Key Account Manager for large-scale and trade customers, Opel Automobile GmbH
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ep-cm project management GmbH

"B.E.E. Focused is a fixed part of the cooperation with B.E.E Advanced!

After just one year of collaboration, I've been worried about what's going to happen and how we will manage our huge number of new orders.

B.E.E. Advanced has given all of us in the sales team at ep-cm project management gmbh the space we need to be able to focus on completing our customers’ orders, providing us with the strategic outlook we need so that our order books remain strong tomorrow.
Our collaboration has proven to be a genuine guarantor of success, because - initial reservations aside - we entrusted the marketing of our advice-intensive niche range of products and services to experts. This trust has more than paid off.

The promised results have all arisen, including increased staff loyalty and plenty of fun in our daily work.

As we hoped, we have also been able to reduce our risks by avoiding unnecessary appointments of new and inexperienced sales staff. All in all, a sound and scalable concept, and the ideal basis for a professional and stable market approach in the B2B environment.

We are looking forward to a long term cooperation.”


Björn Zubel, Technical Director/Operations Manager - ep-cm project management Deutschland GmbH



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Zimpel & Franke Group

"Acquiring new customers? It’s a never-ending topic in the world of sales:

And it also affects business owners who already have a decent base of existing customers. That’s because it’s a simple fact: relations with existing customers frequently come to an end - and they need to be replaced with new customers. Those in the area of sales who neglect the area of acquiring new customers are certain to feel the impact sooner or later.

If this is the case, it will ultimately fall to the sales staff to find an effective way of seeking out potential customers, approaching them and acquiring them. Recommendations contribute to acquiring new customers. The key discipline when it comes to acquiring new customers, however, is sales via cold acquisition.

We were able to receive the appropriate coaching from Michael Munz at B.E.E. Advanced.

Our number one goal was to gain solution and target-oriented support with the objective of encouraging self-reflection and improving the individual's personal outlook and the action that they take.

Cold acquisition is something every salesman needs to master, regardless of their networking success or their number of recommendations. At the same time, cold sales acquisition is easy and a craft that anyone is able to learn, as explained to us by Michael Munz.


In a relaxed discussion, topics including stock-taking, optimisation and the conceptualisation of strategies, systematic planning, management and control were all covered.


On the second day, we took things to the practical level. Once again, it was about taking a good look at ourselves in the mirror.

No criticism, no patronising comments – on the contrary – very constructive suggestions which make dealing with potential customers significantly easier.


I have personally taken the tips on board and put them into action. And what can I say – they work!"


Holger Ziller, Sales Consultant, Autohaus Zimpel, Zimpel & Franke Group
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Riverstate International Consulting GmbH

Business expansion which is based on our values.

How can you create a clear overview, agree to a complete roadmap for your team, gain clear and above all else realistic goals for sound and focussed growth in just one day?

With the Quick Value Benchmark and the Business Development Strategy Workshop from Mr Summer, that is exactly what we were able to achieve:

the results are more successful on the market, and as a company, we are developing in a direction that all of us want to see - not just due to our collaboration with B.E.E. Advanced, but we are now far faster and more effective.

Those who want to or have to realign their organisation on a rapid and direct basis often know the necessary direction, but they can rapidly find out “HOW” from B.E.E. Advanced know exactly how this works.

A very worthwhile collaboration!"

Michael Hütsch, Head of Recruitment at Riverstate International Consulting GmbH

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