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Jörg Summer - information scientist and business development and strategy coach, team developer, innovation coach, Managing Director of B.E.E. Advanced GmbH.
Jörg is an information scientist and business coach. He started his career at an international, market-leading services company in the software industry. Working there, he gained wide-ranging experience in the fields of systems engineering project management, construction, planning the decommissioning of industrial facilities and vehicle manufacturing, sales and networking, human resources management and customer communication, and most recently worked as a sales manager.
As coach, Jörg currently supports our customers in the areas of project management, business development, sales strategy, negotiation techniques and creativity topics at both the national and international levels. Jörg stands out with his strategic thinking, his hands-on approach, and his excellent communication skills.

His motto: "The question isn’t “if”, it’s “HOW"!

For the Managing Director of B.E.E. Advanced, the purpose of his work is to enable employees, and therefore the heart of every business, to work according to their talents and strengths. In this way, their work becomes part of a fulfilled life. This also means they find an intrinsic level of motivation and happiness in their work, which is associated with a considerably increased level of job satisfaction on the part of the team.

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Michi Team Chiffre

Michael Munz - business development manager, coach, team development and sales development expert, and our networking machine
Michael has been advising, training and coaching people from companies with a technical background for more than three decades, and draws on both a huge network as well as the in-depth ability to analyse the requirements of customers and prospective customers. His ability to strike up successful relationships makes him a natural sales manager.

He also benefits from his wide-ranging experience in the fields of BigData, project management and in his core areas of expertise of sales and networking, as well as employee management and development.
Today, Michael supports our customers on their journey to the digital era, and focuses on networking with our clients. He also works as an interim manager for the professional development of sales structures for the future and the training of sales employees.

Hard work, communication and compassion come naturally to him. 

His credo: "I want to develop sales from the ground up, to strengthen it and to fill it with life!”

This is a motto that Michael has also applied for several years with his company Sales&Advice in the partner network with B.E.E. Advanced

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Kerstin Purucker - Consulting. Concept. Editorial.

Kerstin Purucker has more than 15 years of experience as an editor and content marketing specialist in the area of print, online and moving images. Her specialist area is presenting complex topics on a target group and media friendly basis. In this respect, she draws on her in-depth technical background as an engineer to bring together brands, expertise and technology – and to enthuse readers, visitors and audiences for the world of technology. As she says, it is still her dream job.
Kerstin is our freelance partner when it comes to the professional of creation of technical content: with her discreet, rapid and uncomplicated approach, she has long since been a key component of the work with our customers.

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Dr. Stefan P. Becker – consultant and course leader, trainer and coach in the areas of staff- and team development as well as cultural change

With his background in theology, Stefan P. Becker has looked at the question of how old cultural knowledge can be made productive for the modern economy. In other words, he supports “business transformation” in the age of the digital revolution. He provides his customers with a fresh look at the soft factors which determine success. These have their origin in the individual values of the employees and flow into the brand DNA of the business.

His focal points are managing stress and preventing burnout, managing conflicts and innovation expertise. His basic approach is centred on free will. His approach is systematic and his methods are varied and targeted. As a reformed pastor, grammar school teacher and project manager, he has considerable experience in people-oriented management. His many years of advising businesses, managers and leading sportsmen have honed his intuition and shaped his focus on the essentials.
With Stefan, B.E.E. has a freelance partner who also works in Switzerland, a man who doesn't just know how to talk but also knows how to develop.

He follows the guiding principle of creating a space for people in a business in which the creation of value and quality of life go together.

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Birgitt Jachnick – interim sales and project management / contract & claim management expert. Consultant, trainer and coach.

Birgitt applies the technical and managerial experience that she has gained over the past 30 years in supporting businesses with their sales, and in the area of project and contract/claim management business in particular, to provide advice, to train and to coach.

After studying economic and social sciences, Birgitt began her professional career at an international software and consulting firm for project management, going on to hold managerial positions in the areas of sales, marketing and consulting at the national German subsidiary. Due to her close collaboration with national and international customers and colleagues, she has gained comprehensive experience in the mechanical and plant engineering sectors and in product development in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

In the course of her subsequent freelance work as a business consultant, sales and project management have become her key topics.

In addition to sales management, in recent years, Birgitt has specialised on contract and claim management in companies with project business. For some years, companies such as these have experienced an increasingly difficult environment which has led to falling profit margins and therefore to a limiting of extra costs. A strict form of project management and the use of contract and claim management methods and approaches contribute to ensuring the projects are able to achieve results. With training, consulting and coaching, Birgitt supports business and their employees along the path to changed working methods.

Analytical in the assessment of the situation, pragmatic in finding situations appropriate to the solution, empathy towards business partners and excellent communications - such are the keywords which best describe Birgitt’s approach.

Her credo: Effective processes are a must, but the individual who turns the processes into a success must be the central focus.

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Dr. Jürgen Stübner - mechanical engineer, coach and project management, team development and sales development expert, lecturer at CampusM21
Dr. Jürgen Stübner has been advising, training and coaching managers - primarily from the areas of automotive, IT and telecommunications - for more than three decades. With a doctorate in engineering, Jürgen has in-depth professional and methodological expertise. He has also completed advanced training in the psychological and social field, providing the foundations for his successful collaboration with his customers. With his company Stübner&Partner, Jürgen has been working in the partner network with B.E.E. Advanced for many years. His key areas of work range from acceptance assurance, change management and coaching, through to manager development, process management and strategy development. His credo: “People-oriented collaboration – performance for businesses”

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Klaus Thurner participates in projects at B.E.E. Advanced on a freelance basis as an interim brand change manager, and is responsible for completing brand-shaping projects.


Meaningful brands create differentiation, customer loyalty, growth and profitability. The way in which you express your company and your brand has a bigger impact on the ROI than you think, as the main currency which determines your results over the long term is customer loyalty. Innovation keeps you in business and your brand is your leading edge and insurance when the competition is one step ahead.

With an outsider's perspective, I want to contribute to discovering untapped potential, to strengthening the meaning of your brand, and to develop guidelines and roadmaps which express brands, products and services on a unique basis which strengthens the loyalty of the relevant target groups. I am from the industry: In my corporate executive positions in the sports sector, I gained experience working in and with companies including Red Bull, ISPO, HEAD, BOA, Mistral, WBA, FIS, Koflach and Blizzard.

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