CSB - Customized Sales Booster

Without sales, nothing is possible. And sales succeed or fail due to the people in the sales team. During direct contact with customers, they are the face of the company. They make a major contribution to the long term success in a hard-fought market in particular. Leveraging the hidden potential in your sales is therefore worthwhile: ideally with our customized sales concept, the Customized Sales Booster.

Since we consider the market approach as a whole at both the strategic and operational levels, we always start off with a strategy workshop. Here, we agree to the target corridor, with the objective of further developing the sales team. With our innovative sales analysis tool, we drastically reduce the introductory phase, because we are able to measure and highlight the deeper success factors of both individual people and teams.

Therefore, if you are interested in finding out how to assemble and develop an effective sales team, we will help you do so on a targeted and rapid basis.


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BGM - Business Growth Management

B.E.E. Focused: coordinated and targeted business development leads to faster growth which is supported by your team.

Together with you, we analyse the potential which is currently available in your company, and the needs of your existing customers and new customers that you can therefore address on a straightforward and targeted basis. Genuine innovation which is made simple with a clear roadmap to the future, based on the strengths of your team and also supported by your company as it is based on your own efforts.

You gain a complete roadmap for the months to come - and often the years - at our two-day B.E.E. Focused workshop.

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QVB - Quick Value Benchmark

Gain a comprehensive overview of the potential of your company, and in record time:

Over the course of one week, we will scan your business for its potential:

With our Quick Value Benchmark, you will be told about the areas and measures which will help you to lever the potential in your company on a rapid and effective basis. Our analysis technology enables us to provide you with a detailed picture of your specific and precise options for action .

Benefit from a potential-based overview in a brand new quality, and at a cost and within a time frame in that others would require to define the scope of the project.

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VBL – Value Based Leadership

B.E.E. Focused: Are you expecting your employees to perform to the best of their abilities? And is that what you're focusing on? In an increasingly dynamic and sophisticated environment, gain rapid access to the leading topics that are decisive to your success.

Management just by numbers – a time that’s been and gone. For managers, orientation to measurable variables isn’t enough nowadays. At a time when the digitisation of the workplace is rapidly advancing, in many businesses, the much-maligned silo thinking continues to predominate. All hype surrounding the i4.0 aside, proactive employees are required who are aware of the overall objective of the company and are therefore able to cooperate with others.

At our two-day B.E.E. Focused workshop, we provide you with training in value based leadership (VBL), so that you can grow together with your team on an organic and efficient basis. You will receive a complete roadmap which successfully combines the abilities and skills of your employees with the musts of your company.

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ISM - Interim Sales Management
Absences due to sudden illness, management staff turnover and a lack of leadership experience or seniority among younger team members, the inability to fill vacancies:

whether short term or long term for bridging skills shortages on the labour market - with at least 10 years of experience in the sale of sophisticated products in the B2B sector, our interim sales experts are always ready to go into action and help steer your sales, whether it's as a sales manager, a key account manager, a sales director or a business development manager. With our support, you respond more rapidly to your customers.

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LGM - Lead Generation Management
The right objectives: Leads are only as valuable as the decision-making level with which they bring you into contact.

We use your knowledge and experience from existing customer sectors in order to apply them to new customers on a scalable basis.

With our BGM kit we also develop new strategies for your markets of the future on a continuous basis. We then implement these for you in coordinated target customer fields subsequent to an initial validation of their success.

The result: direct and personal access to the right decision makers.

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SAE - Sales Ability Empowering
Are you aware of the solid and verifiable strengths of your best employees? Do you apply the strengths of your employees in the right way? If you can answer “yes” to these two questions, congratulations - your company is one of the few to have taken control of this approach.


If you are unable to say how you can use the unique strengths of your employees and therefore draw on their untapped potential, however, we will be pleased to assist you. Leading with strong employees isn’t revolutionary, but it poses a genuine challenge to your opponents: With this unique approach to supporting your employees, you not only avoid the risk of making the wrong appointments, you can also extract the maximum potential from your organisation in the blink of an eye.

The best thing: the satisfaction of your employees increases at the same time as your business success.

A guarantee of security for the future: Your employees develop their strengths, enjoy a considerable level of job satisfaction, which means you not only reduce your staff turnover, you also gain the best recommendations-based marketing from your own employees.Start of page

CDA - Content Development Assistance
Nothing is as old as yesterday's news:

Regular news updates are one of the most important ways of guaranteeing and enhancing your profile and recognition over the long term .

How are you positioned in terms of the text on your homepage, flyers or press releases? How frequently do you publish news updates to ensure that you are remembered by your potential and existing customers? With our technically advanced know-how, we provide you with the topicality that puts your company in the right light: that which sparks the curiosity of your customers.

We will also be pleased to assist you with content for your public relations work, whether it is with the compilation of text, photo shoots, image editing, video production and any necessary translations.
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CMC - Cold acquisitions Mentoring and Coaching
E is for easy: B2B - (Cold-)acquisitions made easy.

We don’t just train you in easier and more targeted acquisitions, we also support them, and experience the conditions at the customer together with your star sales executives.

Our success proves we are right: Successful sales ultimately mean asking the right questions and the right personal contacts.

We will be pleased to prepare both with you, allowing for a clear and rapid increase in your sales success to sales pitch ratio.
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